About Me

I am Precy, a Filipina who is currently living in Solingen, Germany and is married to a German national and a true blue Berliner.

I used to work in the Department of Budget and Management. Aside from this regular job, I write romance pocketbooks, Internet articles and screenplays. I was leading a full life in my country until I met my husband in a scholarship study in Dortmund, Germany. The final decision to live in Germany was both tough and exciting.

After a few years living in Germany, I have seen and met many Filipinas who have the same story as mine. They married a German and they settled to have a family. They miss their family back in the Philippines and their hearts are always torn between creating a new life in a foreign country and dreaming of someday coming back to their homeland.

Despite these similarities, there are also differences in experiences. Some led happy and contented lives while others ended tragically and sadly.

So what is the website all about?

This site is intended to chronicle daily accounts and experiences of Filipinas abroad. The idea behind this is to be able to write observations living in a foreign country. This is the story of every Pinoy overseas who finds themselves adjusting to a new language and culture, of struggles on love, marriage and even daily life.

We hope that this website would serve its intended purpose of informing other Filipinas, give entertainment and also as common ground for meeting and sharing news.

When I have a new story to tell about me or other Filipina friends, my husband always find them interesting. So he suggested, why not write blogs for these stories. It will be helpful to other Filipinas who are struggling to find their balance in a strange land. Why not, indeed?