From Germany with Love: Sending Money to Philippines – Part I

In this digital age, sending money to Philippines has never been easier and faster. Filipinos overseas have now more options in sending their hard-earned money to their loved ones. For those looking for ideas on how to send money, for example the advantages and disadvantages, this blog might be for you.

Bank Transfers

This was the oldest way to send money, which personally I have never used because it is too way expensive. To make a bank to bank transaction, you need to have an existing bank account in Germany or another person’s bank account (like your husband’s or a friend’s). Before sending money, inquire exactly from your bank how much you would be paying.

Philippine Bank Subsidiaries in Europe

The Philippine National Bank, formerly Allied Bank, has a subsidiary bank in London.

I used to send money thru PNB when I was new in Germany. The fees are reasonable, like six euro for 200 euro money transfer. However, there were a few cases when arrival of your money is delayed. I was sending money to my mother to San Fernando Pampanga Branch. However, it has been like three weeks before I was notified by my mother that the money is still not there. I called PNB London and they told me it is there and they even asked me to call the branch manager of the bank. After a few phone calls, a frustrated email to Allied Bank, I was informed that they made a mistake of putting the money to San Fernando La Union!

All is well that ends well. They were apologetic about it and even called me personally to express their mistake. After the incident, I was quite happy with their service. Money comes on time and they even call my mother personally just to inform her that the money is there.

How to open an account with PNB London?

First, I sent an email to PNB sending my details such as name, address and beneficiary. They immediately responded sending me a letter providing me their bank details and reference number of my beneficiary.

As a first time user, I would suggest that you ask for a reference number just to be sure that your money arrives fast and safely to the correct bank branch in the Philippines.

For more detailed information, you may visit the PNB link

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